“Blink Blog” – Announcing The Official Pink and Blink Beauty Parlour Website

Our Online Presence Expands…

Nichole and I are proud to present a major milestone in the development of our business Pink and Blink Beauty Parlour LLC.

We felt our website www.pinkandblink.com was polished enough to be promoted on a massive scale (not perfect, but close enough). This happened sometime around midnight on March 26th, 2018.

We’re now showcasing some of the before and after services.

These are done using a slideshow youtube video. The video can be that can be played with the click of a button. It’s right at the top of the page. This actual client before and after portfolio speaks for itself.

Many highly valued client’s testimonials have been included. These words are quoted with uncompensated and endorsed approval. They also include personal pictures and some background information.

This is why we love getting highly appreciated the praise.

We display it to let you know why we do it. We’ve also included a link describing the career opportunities for the burgeoning stylish. It’s there for you to check out and potentially become a Cosmetologist (or another type of team member). We’ll need more help as we expand our capabilities and resources.

The site is fully functional for setting up appointments. It also provides a much smoother booking experience. In addition, there’s an on-demand instant messenger for immediate response. There’s a “Click Here” link appearing twice on the page whenever you want an appointment. You’ll be sent to the wonderful Vagaro booking software page.

For lengthy dialogue, we put up a built-in (and super convenient) “message plugin”.

This is for direct feedback, questions, comments etc. ala email style. Note: There’s the cutest picture of both Pink (aka Nichole) and Blink (our resident chameleon mascot) above this form.

We have major milestone countdowns going one with a cool timer.

Our next big event on May 17th is a re-grand opening featuring a ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by drinks, music, food, raffle prizes, and discounted goods. We’re displaying our most up to date hours, map directions, and contact information for your convenience at the bottom of the website.

Remember to keep an eye on our Facebook page for new developments and news. We are both very excited about this new chapter in our growing venture and we look forward to having you along for the ride! Please leave a comment below. There is plenty more to come from Pink and Blink Beauty Parlour but until then…

… Thank you ALL for your support – you are the reason why we do this and how we learn to better serve you!

With love,

Nichole and Alex


Team “Nalex”


[email protected]

Nichole Angone: Owner/Master Tier Cosmetologist for Pink and Blink Beauty Parlour.

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